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to unearth the power of your company by unearthing the power of the street

 Wall Street Consultants will take on clients with products and a future we can believe in. We will accomplish this with management teams who are receptive to outside advice and have the best interests of the company in mind.

The combined management of WSC has over 50 years of stock market experience.  At its inception, WSC was focused on the creation of corporate research for companies that had not been historically followed by Wall Street. These reports were available to traders, investors, shareholders, and newspapers. As a result, WSC ultimately became more involved in corporate matters with their clients. 

WSC has watched the recent destruction of brokerage companies like Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and Merrill Lynch. After seeing these companies crumble WSC has come to one conclusion, now is the time to focus attention on making Wall Street aware of unknown public companies. Today, things are decidedly different. Current market conditions require companies to look in a new direction. WSC has been through conditions like this before. Looking at the current state of the financial industry, WSC believes that now is the right time to apply their expertise and expand our business in this key area.

There are currently thousands of publicly traded companies without investment banking coverage on Wall Street. The current market climate makes it virtually impossible for these companies to go forward without sponsorship. These companies would benefit greatly from the support of a firm such as WSC, acting to spread the word about the true value of these enterprises. Warren Buffet recently said,  ''this is the best time to buy stocks in my lifetime.'' The problem is that no one will buy an orphaned stock unless investors become aware of it. That is where WSC comes in.  WSC will write an in-depth corporate research report on the company. This research will consist of an initial report followed by quarterly and performance assessments. These reports will help to reduce the fears of the company’s shareholders and increase awareness of the company. These reports will be made available by e-mail to a company’s shareholders and hard copies (if needed) can be provided to traders, investment bankers, and any other interested parties. WSC reports will also be available on our website and other appropriate web sites. 

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